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I am not writing much but I can definitely say that you will get more than you expected from this workshop.
Sir always goes above and beyond ensuring his students understand each and every concept even if it means arranging extra classes at the students’ comfortable time. He opens up showing all kinds of references and examples for us to understand a concept thoroughly enough to apply it practically.
Highly recommend attending the workshop if you’re someone who’s intimidated by Music Theory, Sir is here to make it a little less intimidating to say the least.
Recently participated in Nitin’s music theory workshop, and I must say, the way he effortlessly explained complex topics shattered the misconception that music theory is inherently challenging. Grateful for the insightful session, and a big thank you to Nitin for making the intricate world of music theory accessible. Highly recommend to anyone looking to delve into the subject with clarity and ease. . Best part for me was I was learning the concepts by deconstructing my all time favourite songs. The approach is pretty awesome!

I was looking for such sessions and thought Music Theory!? Is it really required to join? I can learn it! But after speaking to Nitin just to talk the same, I was convinced and post sessions | can 100% assure that it will be lot of Worth with Theory in Practical & Applicable ways and more importantly The Stuff that’s most important for any Music learner to understand the beauty in a song that was out than basic understanding & would help us to look with more wider perspective whenever we listen the other songs and then Onwards I!!! If you can afford the time & money, I would strongly recommend to join the sessions.. Thank you @nitindubeymusic for wonderful sessions!!!
I attended this music theory workshop recently, and let me tell you, it was mind-blowing! I went in thinking I had a good grasp of music theory, but really, I was in for a surprise. The workshop took us from basics to advanced concepts that I had never explored before. Nitin Sir is simply brilliant. His teaching style is fantastic; he patiently explains everything until you truly get it. Now, I have the understanding of how to deconstruct any song and truly comprehend why they sound the way they do. You all might think you can learn this stuff online, but trust me, this workshop is on a whole new level. Every music enthusiast should join; it’s totally worth your time and money.
I was the part of workshop … and nitin sir s genuinely into teaching music… He would clear your doubt and guide in every way…
i can clearly see my life around music divided into two halfs, before this workshop and after this workshop. Can not recommend enough! Such intricacies explained by Nitin with
Always open to noob questions.
If i could i would do the next season too!
I followed Nitin Sir after watching his ARRAHMAN song break down sessions.. after a few weeks or months he announced his First Workshop and I was excited to enroll.. little did I know i would be provided more value then what I asked for.. Not just he helped us go through the theory, he did deconstructed songs so we could understand better how to put in practice what we learnt .. He also would take breaks, go slow so that it doesn’t become overwhelming for us, but at the same time we covered so so many topics during that workshop,. He was patient during this process, And would answer all the queries we had, even those that were really silly Thanks For sharing your experience and knowledge sir.. Will be forever grateful
Nitin has a very open approach to teaching that enabled all of us to feel at home asking him questions, learning fundamental concepts and have a good time building
relationships. Nitin was able to give me insight into music theory that my previous music teachers simply glossed over, and I now feel more empowered to compose and arrange music myself. Highly recommended!
shagrieka_chakrbarty This is totally a workshop to do if you want to expand and explore the theoretical aspect of music. For the first time in my 25 years of musical journey i can finally start to realise and understand how beautiful the western theory of music is which I have always dreaded. @nitindubeymusic has been super patient while he opens the cards of doing something new while making sure that it’s all linked to the same thread. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you.
Amazing workshop which doesn’t feel like a workshop
Extremely interactive and sprinkled with examples of Bollywood Hollywood and classical music Anyone interested in music should consider going for this.
I am simply grateful to be a part of this amazing cohort. It has given me a
reason to believe that I can learn music.
shiva.balasubramanian Happy to be a part of this workshop and the amazing group of people! Music theory whilst important can often be intimidating for somebody starting out. On a personal level, I have always struggled with understanding harmony. @nitindubeymusic excels at breaking down complex musical concepts and distilling them with examples from popular music. I am looking forward to rest of sessions and to finally having a strong foundation to build on.
I am a complete newbie in music, this is the first music class of my whole life. But I can say that, the kind of articulation of complex music theory and it’s concepts, nitin sir is really the best as a music composer too and especially as a music teacher. His expertise you can sense in just 5m of a any music conversation with him. Thank you so much @nitindubeymusic sir. Immense respect for you
justsanjeev @nitindubeymusic Makes simple look so easy. This has opened my beginner eyes / ears to so much depth yet in a simple way. Thankful to be part of this amazing cohort that has so much talent. I am hoping to keep up.
utkarshh.mp3 Learning from him is like having a really talented and skilled mentor who can answer every question of yours whether it’s related to music or the journey. He inspires us.

As a student in this class I’ve been enjoying myself and learning finer details about music theory which are quite helpful in building a toolkit I can use when creating my own songs. Nitin uses a lot of popular music examples to showcase the effective music theory at work while explaining the concepts at play. I have learned a bit of music from other teachers over the years but this is the first time I am truly grasping these music theory concepts.